Time Warner

Time Warner (NYSE: TWX)


One Time Warner Center,
New York,
MPAA member company: 
Film labels: 
Warner Bros., New Line
Other holdings: 
Warner Bros. Television; CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies; HBO and Cinemax; Time, Inc: People, Sports Illustrated, Time, Fortune, etc.
Top executive: 
Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes
In 2016, the Warner Bros. studio accounted for $13 billion (44%) of Time Warner's $29.3 billion in revenue. In 2005, Warner Bros. was the second major studio, after Disney, to adopt a corporate policy on tobacco depictions in its films. In 2010, along with Disney and Comcast (Universal), Warner Bros. showed that it could eliminate practically all smoking in its kid-rated films. But by 2013, the studio's PG-13 impressions had rebounded and the number of tobacco incidents in its PG-13 films has been rising since 2014. Time Warner — once a leader — is a big reason why there's been so little progress against smoking in kid-rated movies for more than half a decade. This only strengthens the case for the R-rating covering every company.